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Bootleg Title: Big Fights Round 3
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 20 April 2007
Number of tracks: 15
Remix Title LengthTypeDuplicate of/Same as Remixer
1. DM vs Nelly Furtado - People Are People (People Say It Right)4:37Mash-Up Dj MiZi
2. DM vs Donna Summer vs Bombdogs - I Feel Loved (Apollo Zero REconstruction)5:38Mash-Up Apollo Zero
3. DM vs Ludacris - Just Can't Get Enough (Just Can't Stand Up)3:32Mash-Up DJ TiiM
4. DM vs Beats International - Behind The Wheel (Just Behind The Wheel)5:56Mash-Up Romy
5. DM vs Queen - Barrel Of A Gun (Barrel Of A Queen)4:43Mash-Up LeeDM101
6. DM vs Scooter - Stripped (DJ Klingon Mix)3:33Mash-Up DJ Klingon
7. DM vs Alice DeeJay - Blasphemous Rumours (Better Off Alone)6:25Mash-Up DJ Jimbo
8. DM vs Eurythmics - Photographic (Sweet Photographic Dreams)4:25Mash-Up
9. DM vs Yazoo - Master And Servant (Master Don't Go)3:06Mash-Up Gurkenwurst
10. DM vs Kylie Minogue - I Feel Loved (I Feel Kylie Again)4:11Mash-Up DJ Frenchbloke
11. DM vs GiGi D'Agostino - But Not Tonight (I'll Fly With You But Not Tonight)7:46Mash-Up DJ Tripp
12. DM vs The Bangles - Only When I Lose Myself (Eternally Lost)3:48Mash-Up
13. DM vs Unkle vs DCD - World In My Eyes (Reign In My Awakening Eyes)5:29Mash-Up LeeDM101
14. DM v Everything But The Girl - Enjoy The Silence (Missing The Silence)5:27Mash-Up DjaK
15. DM vs Boards Of Canada - Only When I Lose Myself (Lost Spectrum)2:17Mash-Up