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Bootleg Title: Big Fights Round 4
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 11 June 2007
Number of tracks: 14
Remix Title LengthTypeDuplicate of/Same as Remixer
1. DM vs David Guetta - Master And Servant (The Master & Servant Is Mine)5:33Mash-Up DJ MXR
2. DM vs Bananarama - Everything Counts (In A Cruel Summer)6:32Mash-Up The Groove Pirates
3. DM vs DHS - I Feel Loved (I Feel Loved In The House Of God)4:34Mash-Up Funkmeister Tutus
4. DM vs Kelly Clarkson - Nothing's Impossible (Since U Been Gone)4:16Mash-Up Aggro1
5. DM vs Justin Timberlake - Suffer Well (Suffer Back)2:42Mash-Up Jesc1200
6. DM vs Eurythmics - Policy Of Truth (Policy Of Sweet Dreams)4:43Mash-Up DJ Earworm
7. DM vs Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlin - Enjoy The Silence (Enjoy Silence)5:24Mash-Up DJ Tripp
8. DM vs Destiny's Child - It's No Good (It's Good To Lose Your Breath)5:24Mash-Up Creasos
9. DM vs Nouvelle Vague - Martyr (Ever Fallen In Love With A Martyr?)4:07Mash-Up Copycat
10. DM vs Danny Darko - Behind The Wheel (She Comes Behind The Wheel)6:21Mash-Up Solcofn
11. DM vs The Romantics - Dream On (Dreaming in Your Sleep)3:28Mash-Up BRAT
12. DM vs Covenant - Never Let Me Down Again (Never Let The Bullet Down)5:12Mash-Up DJ Monosexy
13. DM vs Duran Duran - People Are People (People Saves A Prayer)4:04Mash-Up ar2k sqvad
14. DM vs Dr. Dre - Only When I Lose Myself (Still Losing Myself)3:20Mash-Up Loo & Placibo