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Depeche Mode World Unofficial Discography


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Depeche Mode World Unofficial Discography

Information and links to unofficial discographies of Depeche Mode and its participants will be published here.
Informationen und Links zu inoffiziellen Diskografien von Depeche Mode und seinen Teilnehmern werden hier veröffentlicht.
Aquí se publicará información y enlaces a discografías no oficiales de Depeche Mode y sus participantes.
Здесь будут публиковаться информация и ссылки на неоффициальные дискографии Depeche Mode и его участников.


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Depeche Mode on DISCOGS

Martin Gore on DISCOGS

Dave Gahan on DISCOGS

Andy Fletcher on DISCOGS

Alan Wilder & Recoil on DISCOGS

Vince Clarke on DISCOGS
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Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

Depeche Mode used to be a synth-pop band from the UK. These days they sound full of doom and angst, brought on by bitter and painful obession; maybe this is what happens when people get old. Nonetheless, they've released many records, and lots of bootleggers have released records on their behalf.

My Depeche Mode Unofficial Releases discography (100k; last updated 1998) is very comprehensive, if unavoidably incomplete.

I've also compiled a great big cross-reference of all the unofficial DM remixes up to about 1995. It also includes reviews of the individual tracks by a number of people. This is the Depeche Mode Remix and Studio Bootleg CDs discography (100k; last updated 1995). I stopped updating it awhile back; most of the information in it (and much more besides) is in the other discography.

1. Depeche Mode Unofficial Releases Discography

Bennett McElwee
Updated 19 January 1998

This discography contains information about all Depeche Mode recorded material that is not officially released by their record company. This includes bootlegs, live recordings, bootleg remixes, studio outtakes and other unreleased material. It's based on Robert Schmitz's original Depeche Mode discography. Thanks Robert! This discography is Copyright 1993-98 Bennett McElwee. Please ask me before copying any part of it.

2. Depeche Mode Remix and Studio Bootleg CDs

Bennett McElwee
Updated 19 September 1994 (version 2.9.2)

This discography is the single largest repository of knowledge about Depeche Mode studio bootleg CDs in existence. It is divided into two sections. The first contains factual information about the CDs, including which tracks are duplicated on the various CDs, and which are available on official releases. The second section contains compiled opinions, comments, rumours and other gossip on each CD.
I haven't listed every CD, because many more recent CDs are compilations of new remixes. Since these all have unique tracks, there's not much point cross-referencing them in this list. For the full story, see the Depeche Mode Unofficial Releases Discography.
Note that since these CDs are bootlegs, obtaining them may involve some legal and moral difficulties.
Thanks to everyone who contributed. See the second section to find out who they are.
This discography is Copyright 1993-98 Bennett McElwee. Please ask me before copying any part of it.

=== Information wanted: =======================================================
- Track lists for The Ninth Strike; Ultra Rare Trax 5 and 6; DM Reworked Vol.2;
Boing; [title unknown]
- Track times for The Eighth Strike
- Reviews of the Sixth, Eighth and Ninth Strikes and Ultra Rare Trax 5 and 6
- Any comments or opinions on sound and mix quality are always welcome.
- Any information about new remix CDs is extra-welcome.

The Facts

I have tried to make this section as accurate as possible, but I take no
responsibility for any factual errors. So there.

a1: Ultra Rare Trax 1
a2: Ultra Rare Trax 2
a3: Ultra Rare Trax 3
a4: Ultra Rare Trax 4
a5: Ultra Rare Trax 5
a6: Ultra Rare Trax 6
b1: DJ's Revenge
b2: The Second Strike
b3: The Third Strike
b4: The Fourth Strike
b5: The Fifth Strike
b6: The Sixth Strike
b7: The Seventh Strike
b8: The Eighth Strike
b9: The Ninth Strike
c1: The Classic Techno Mixes Vol.1
c2: The Classic Techno Mixes Vol.2
d: Digital Razormaids
e: Classic Remixes
f: DPM
g: The Niagara Radiostation Mix
h: Fourplay
i1: Songs Of Faith And Devotion: Remix
i2: Songs Of Faith And Devotion: Strange Versions
j: The Songs Of Martin L. Gore
k: Elite Recordings
l: Classic Techno Niagara Mixes Volume 2
m: Violator: Limited Edition Remix Album
n: Dancing In My Shoes
o: Martin L. Gore's Studio Tapes
p1: Depeche Mode Reworked Vol.1
p2: Depeche Mode Reworked Vol.2
q: Music For The Masses: Limited Remix Edition
r: Boing [?]
s: Philip's Modern Girl
tx: Technopolis [compilation series]

The cryptic-looking code next to each track is a cross-reference to which CDs in this document contain that track. Letters and numbers refer to other remix CDs; other symbols have their own meanings:
= the track has been officially released and is still in print.
- the track has been officially released but is now out of print.
(see "Sources for Officially-Released Tracks" below to find out where).
? I don't know the track's true identity. If you do, please tell me!

Notes in [brackets] are my additions. Being bootlegs, a LOT of tracks are mislabeled on the CD or packaging; in this discography, I list all tracks by
their usual name (whatever that is). Where the listed name is significantly different, it is "quoted" inside the brackets.

Prehistoric and Class-X mixes are by Razormaid.
On-U Sound (from the UK, headed by Adrian Sherwood) is a different outfit to On-USound (from New York).

Description of bootlegs from this discography will be posted in bootleg discussions
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The (All)Most Complete Depeche Mode Cover Versions


This is the world's largest website dedicated solely to Depeche Mode cover versions.