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JFlash Remix Collection 01 (2021)​

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Year: 2021
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 30

01.Depeche ModeA Question Of Lust (New Lights Instrumental)3:46
02.Depeche ModeA Question Of Time (Dblyu-Yu-2 Mix)4:18
03.Depeche ModeA Question Of Time (JFlash's Instrumental)4:06
04.Depeche ModeA Question Of Time (Njuraz Mix)5:49
05.Depeche ModeBarrel Of A Gun (Instrumental (JFlash ReRemix))5:31
06.Depeche ModeClean (Don't Criticize It Mix Edit)4:05
07.Depeche ModeCondemnation (All Out Mix)1:07
08.Depeche ModeCondemnation (Condemned To Love)4:33
09.Depeche ModeDangerous (Don't Dance)10:03
10.Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Megamix)10:52
11.Depeche ModeEverything Counts (1994 Edit)4:03
12.Depeche ModeEverything Counts (JFlash Dub Mix)6:40
13.Depeche ModeEverything Counts (JFlash Mix Final)8:32
14.Depeche ModeEverything Counts (JFlash Rough Remix Instrumental)3:59
15.Depeche ModeFlexible (JFlash's Instrumental)3:14
16.Depeche ModeIce Machine (JFlash Remix)8:28
17.Depeche ModeIt's No Good (Bass Bounce Mix - The BRAT Radio Edit (ReRemix))3:55
18.Depeche ModeIt's No Good (Hardfloor Mix - The BRAT Radio Edit (ReRemix))3:32
19.Vince ClarkeLet's Get Together (New Version 2002)3:08
20.Depeche ModeMaster And Servant (For Isabelle Who Is The Master)7:17
21.Depeche ModeMercy In You (Confidential)5:06
22.Depeche ModeMy Joy (Manu Mix Instrumental)6:18
23.Depeche ModeMy Joy (My Mix)5:31
24.Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down Again (Extemporize)8:54
25.Depeche ModePolicy Of Truth (Beat Box Maxi Mix - ReRemix 2002)8:03
26.Depeche ModeRush (KROQ's Extended - ReRemix 2002)6:50
27.Depeche ModeRush (Sensitive Mix)7:17
28.Depeche ModeSee You (All Out Mix)3:59
29.Depeche ModeTora! Tora! Tora! (Soundwave Version)7:16
30.Depeche ModeWalking In My Shoes (The Proacted Mix)7:50
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