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60 second interview

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    Dave Gahan 60 Second Interview: Dave Gahan (Metro, 2005)

    60 Second Interview: Dave Gahan [Metro, 3rd October 2005. Words: Andy Williams / "GG". Picture: Uncredited.] Who would have thought when fresh-faced Basildon boys Depeche Mode perkily performed I Just Can't Get Enough on Top Of The Pops in 1981 that a life of rock'n'roll excess lay ahead? Not...
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    Martin Gore 60 Second Interview Martin Gore (Metro, 2003)

    60 Second Interview: Martin Gore [Metro, 28th April 2003. Words: James Ellis.] Martin Gore is the songwriter in Depeche Mode. Along with Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher, the band have had hits with Just Can't Get Enough, Blasphemous Rumours and Personal Jesus. Six years ago, the group almost...