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101 (Blu-ray + Photobook)


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Sony Music is releasing "Depeche Mode - 101" on Blu-ray Disc. The mix of live album and music documentary from the 1988 "Music for the Masses" tour will be released in two versions on Blu-ray Disc. In addition to the simple single Blu-ray version, a "Photobook" edition will be released with additional DVD and CD variants.

The Blu-ray disc is based on new 4K scans of the original film reels and contains "A Question of Lust", "Sacred" and "Something to do", three Depeche Mode tracks previously only released as audio versions, and the official "Everything Counts" promo video.

The Photobook edition also includes a download card to access 4K downloads of the film and bonus recordings, as well as 24-bit audio files of the "101" concert.

"Depeche Mode - 101" is scheduled to be available in stores from 03.12.2021.