Almost 20 Years Ago.... |

Almost 20 Years Ago....


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First off, yes I am the remixer listed on a bunch of the bootlegs on here not some kind of imposter.
Second, not sure if this is an incarnation of the old Strangelove Forums or not (?)

I can't express how ecstatic I am to have found this place regardless of who created and maintains the site. Nor can I thank you enough for having done so.
Many years ago I had a hard drive crash and lost almost all of my remixes. Over the years from time to time I've tried to find them on the web with limited success.... until now.
I already blew out my 10DL/day but I have quite a bit to reacquaint myself with already. So a HUGE THANK YOU to any and all uploaders for their contributions.

Currently I am back to playing around with mixing again. Don't have much that is solid yet but if/when I do I will be sure to share it here.