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The 03rd Strike - 1992 Remix Compilation

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdDowntown Records (Germany) – DR 00071992--
3---Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Centermp3
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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: The 3rd Strike
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 1992
Number of tracks: 12
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Enjoy The Silence (Indefinite Mix)9:06BootlegHollywood Mix
2. But Not Tonight (Margouleff Mix)6:19OfficialExtended MixRobert Margouleff
3. Strangelove (Joseph Watt Remix)7:07BootlegRazormaid MixJoseph Watt
4. (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt Remix)7:59Official12" MixJoseph Watt
5. New Dress (Razormaid Mix)6:44BootlegArt Maharg
6. Nodisco (Razormaid Mix)5:52BootlegClass-X RemixArt Maharg
7. World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode Mix)4:56OfficialMayhem ModeJon Marsh
8. Everything Counts (Alan Moulder Mix)6:04OfficialAbsolut MixAlan Moulder
9. Route 66 (Nile Rodgers' Mix)4:11OfficialThe Nile Rodgers MixNile Rodgers
10. Behind The Wheel (DJ Remix Edit)3:55Promo7" DJ RemixShep Pettibone
11. Photographic (On-USound Remix)4:28BootlegOn-U-Sound MixAdrian Sherwood
12. I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (On-USound Remix)3:42BootlegOn-U-Sound MixAdrian Sherwood


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

The Third Strike (b3)
CD 1992 (Downtown Records DR 0007)
1 9:08 a2b3h Enjoy The Silence (Indefinite mix)
2 6:17 b3 But Not Tonight (Robert Margouleff mix)
3 7:08 b3 Strangelove (Joseph Watt mix)
4 7:59 b3 (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt mix)
5 6:45 a1b3de New Dress (Razormaid mix)
6 5:54 b3dh Nodisco (Razormaid mix)
7 4:58 b3hm= World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)
8 5:58 b3h= Everything Counts (Alan Moulder mix)
9 4:16 a2b3c2lq= Route 66 (Nile Rodgers mix)
10 3:48 b3 Behind The Wheel (DJ remix edit)
11 4:38 a2b3c2l Photographic (On-USound remix) [Photogenic]
12 3:42 a2b3c2l I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (On-USound remix) [Deathwish]
The Third Strike
CD 1992 (Downtown Records DR 0007)
9:08 Enjoy The Silence (Indefinite mix)
6:17 But Not Tonight (Robert Margouleff mix)
7:08 Strangelove (Joseph Watt mix)
7:59 (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt mix)
6:45 New Dress (Razormaid mix)
5:54 Nodisco (Razormaid mix)
4:58 World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)
5:58 Everything Counts (Alan Moulder mix)
4:16 Route 66 (Nile Rodgers mix)
3:48 Behind The Wheel (DJ remix edit)
4:38 Photographic (On-USound remix) [Photogenic]
3:42 I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (On-USound remix) [Deathwish]

[Good sound quality]

The Third Strike
Comments: Chad Maier

Rounding out a great three-part series, this great-quality disc adds more
razormaid and other great mixes! QUALITY = 9

Enjoy the Silence (Indefinite Mix) 9:08 Much better quality than URT2.
But Not Tonight (Margouleff Mix) 6:17 Different mix than URT2.
Strangelove (Joseph Watt Remix) 7:08 Similar to razormaid mix.
Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt Remix) 7:59 Pretty cool.
New Dress (Razormaid) 6:45 Climatic, Stimulating, Finger-licking good
mix for Di-hard fans!
Nodisco (Razormaid) 5:54 First awesome rmaid mix off of first album!
World in My Eyes (Mayhem Mode) 4:58 AKA LCD Bong20 mix. Good mix!

Comments: Bennett McElwee

Enjoy The Silence (Indefinite Mix)
Mostly just a cut and paste of the many various official mixes. Sound
quality is just OK, with a hissy high end. Spoken voice samples at about
2:50 saying something like "Let's take a trip". Funny little beeps near
the end. Quite good, but the sound does detract from the mix a bit.

But Not Tonight (Robert Margouleff Mix)
Nice mix, nice instrumentation, not too different from the original.
Overall it's very, erm, nice.

Strangelove (Joseph Watt Remix)
Standard Strangelove remix, nothing special, but quite OK.

(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Joseph Watt Remix)
A good extended mix. Good ending, with just vocals, then a mini-noise
burst right at the end. Standard long instrumental bits.

New Dress (Razormaid Mix)
A cut and paste remix with (yawn) long instrumental bits. Pretty good,
but nothing astounding.

Nodisco (Razormaid Mix)
Good cut and paste.

World In My Eyes (Mayhem Mode)
A nice warm-sounding house mix by Jon Marsh. Sounds like his band (The

Everything Counts (Alan Moulder Remix)
Excellent minimal house dub mix.

Route 66 (Nile Rodgers Mix)
Quite good, not too different, but the instrumental bits are restructured
and there is an effect put on the vocal at some points.

Behind The Wheel (DJ Remix Edit)
Just an edited version.

Photographic (On-USound Remix)
Vinyl pops faintly audible. The mix is a remix of the "Some Bizarre"
album version, not the "Speak And Spell" version. It contains samples of
a camera drive motor and some other extra sounds. The first verse is
spaced out a bit, and some sort of oscillating effect is put on the whole
track. I really like this mix.

I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead (On-USound Remix)
Again, some vinyl static is audible. The mix itself seems pretty similar,
maybe with some EQ, but I'm not sure.



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#1 cd Downtown Records (Germany) – DR 0007 1992
Track 11 is known as Photogenic Remix, Track 12 as Deathwish Remix


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