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The Voice of the Delta Machine (Delta Tour 2013)
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Live Martin Gore compilation 2013
Multicam by Xlorenz
DVD by Demo68
Cover by Demo68

1Depeche ModeOnly When I Loose Myself (Live 2013-06-11 Leipzig)
2Depeche ModeShake The Disease (Live 2013-07-13 Lissabon)
3Depeche ModeSomebody (Live 2013-07-05 Dusseldorf)
4Depeche ModeThe Child Inside (Live 2013-11-23 Hannover)
5Depeche ModeBut Not Tonight (Live 2013-06-05 Frankfurt)
6Depeche ModeA Question of Lust (Live 2013-05-04 Nice)
7Depeche ModeHome (Live 2013-07-13 Lissabon)
8Depeche ModeJudas (Live 2013-07-11 Bilbao)
9Depeche ModeSlow (Live 2013-12-05 Oberhausen)
10Depeche ModeWhen The Body Speaks (Live 2013-07-06 Berlin)
11Depeche ModeHigher Love (Live 2013-07-07 Wercher)
12Depeche ModeBut Not Tonight (Live 2013-10-11 Austin)
13Depeche ModeCondemnation (Live 2013-09-29 Los Angeles)
14Depeche ModeLeave in Silence (Live 2013-11-19 London)
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