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    Depeche Mode 1983-04-03 Tokyo

    1983-04-03 New Latin Quarter, Tokyo, Japan
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    Depeche Mode Apologize Eight - The Live Collection

    demoderus submitted a new resource: Apologize Eight - The Live Collection - Live Compilation 1981-2001 Read more about this resource... Versions: # Format Label, № Year Source Available 1 cd Violator Rec. - ? - - - 2 - - - dmdescargas mp3
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    mp3 Apologize Eight - The Live Collection

    Apologize Eight - The Live Collection Year: ? Unofficial Release Tracks: 15 Tracklist: 01. Depeche Mode Behind the Wheel (Live 1998-12-12 Los Angeles KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas) 05:39 02. Depeche Mode Walking in my Shoes (Live 1994-05-14 Mountainview) 06:48 03. Depeche Mode The...
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    Depeche Mode Anthology 1981-2005

    demoderus submitted a new resource: Anthology 1981-2005 - Unknown Read more about this resource...
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    not available Anthology 1981-2005

    Anthology 1981-2005 (2005) Year: 2005 ? Unofficial Release Tracks: ? Tracklist: ?
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    Depeche Mode Mode-rn Love (Record Mirror, 1983)

    Mode-rn Love [Record Mirror, 22nd October 1983. Words: Betty Page. Pictures: Paul Slattery.] MODE-RN LOVE Matt Fretton, bless his peroxide locks, can’t dance. But it would be fair to assume that Dave Gahan has taught Matt all he knows about shaking it up. He grinned wildly, shook it all...
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    Depeche Mode A Brick 'N' A Promise (Sounds, 1983)

    A Brick 'N' A Promise [Sounds, 1st October 1983. Words: Dave Massey. Picture: Simon Archer.] A better than average all-round review of the show in Bristol on the Construction Time Again Tour. The author has given the support act Matt Fretton his due, and manages intelligent comment on the...
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    Depeche Mode Enter The Countdown Mode (Record Mirror, 1983)

    Enter The Countdown Mode [Record Mirror, 17th September 1983. Words: Sharon Machola. Pictures: Clare Muller / Carole Segal / Scope Features.] ENTER THE COUNTDOWN MODE At last Depeche Mode are winning. After two and a half years of producing electronic pop songs which sound as good on...
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    Depeche Mode Red Rockers Over The Emerald Isle (NME, 1983)

    Red Rockers Over The Emerald Isle [NME, 17th September 1983. Words: X. Moore. Pictures: Adrian Boot.] RED ROCKERS OVER THE EMERALD ISLE The graffiti on the walls is what you’d expect – mainly because you’ve already read the headline and seen Boot’s snapshots – “T.O.H.”, “THE CLASH”, “THE...
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    Depeche Mode Dream And Scream (Melody Maker, 1983)

    Dream And Scream [Melody Maker, 17th September 1983. Words: Barry McIlheney. Picture: Uncredited.] DREAM AND SCREAM Everything counts, particularly in the pop star vacuum of Belfast, and tonight everything added up to pretty near perfect. Because so far this year all we’ve had is a...
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    Depeche Mode Riveting Stuff (No. 1, 1983)

    Riveting Stuff [No. 1, 27th August 1983. Words: Anne Lambert. Picture: Uncredited.] RIVETING STUFF DEPECHE MODE Construction Time Again (Mute) Anyone who thinks they know all there is to know about the Modes from their hit singles needs this album. With the exception of Alan...
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    Depeche Mode Up For Grabs (Sounds, 1983)

    Up For Grabs [Sounds, 20th August 1983. Words: Johnny Waller. Picture: Carole Segal.] UP FOR GRABS FIERCE WORDS I: Depeche Mode stand by their ideals. “The grabbing hands / grab all they can / all for themselves / after all / it’s a competitive world / everything counts in large amounts.”...
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    Dave Gahan David Gahan: Yeahs And Yeuks (No.1, 1983)

    David Gahan: Yeahs And Yeuks [No.1, 20th August 1983. Picture: Uncredited.] A brief profile of Dave's favourite songs and worst niggles. Summary: A brief profile of Dave's favourite songs and worst niggles. [149 words] DAVID GAHAN: YEAHS AND YEUKS Lady Grinning Soul – David Bowie. Station To...
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    Depeche Mode New Life (No. 1, 1983)

    New Life [No. 1, 13th August 1983. Words: Paul Bursche. Pictures: Uncredited.] NEW LIFE They're not the fresh-faced innocents they used to be. They're still making sweet pop but now the songs are about the nasty music biz. Paul Bursche met the boys from Basildon and copped a quick...
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    Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (Number One, 1983)

    Depeche Mode - Everything Counts [Number One, 16th July 1983, Words: Mark Cooper. Picture: Uncredited.] Brief review of Everything Counts, along with song lyrics. This is one of the reviews quoted in the sleeve of "Singles 81-85". " This is their strongest melody in a long while and a...
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    Depeche Mode No Mode Heartache (Record Mirror, 1983)

    No Mode Heartache [Record Mirror, 7th May 1983. Words: Mark Cooper. Picture: Francesco Melling.] NO MODE HEARTACHE Depeche Mode Kabuki Nightclub, San Francisco Punk never penetrated the American charts, pure pop will (writes our former middle-aged correspondent). Punk stayed in the major...
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    Depeche Mode Hanging In The Balance (NME, 1983)

    Hanging In The Balance [NME, 26th March 1983. Words: Mat Snow. Pictures: Peter Anderson.] HANGING IN THE BALANCE “Depeche Mode are the fast way forward to the future,” concluded Lynn Hanna a year ago. [1] The tape has wound on 12 months and finds the band with their fourth...
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    Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - Almost There (Smash Hits, 1983)

    Depeche Mode - Almost There [Smash Hits, 3rd - 16th March 1983. Words Peter Martin. Pictures Mark Rusher.] DEPECHE MODE - ALMOST THERE “God! It’s like Iceland without the snow! Now I know how the Bunnymen must have felt.” Frostbitten singer Dave Gahan is referring to the Arctic...
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    Depeche Mode Singles (Melody Maker, 1983)

    Singles [Melody Maker, 26th February 1983, Words: Dave Gahan, Andrew Fletcher. Pictures: Uncredited.] SINGLES Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode were nervous and apprehensive about passing judgement on their fellow artists. Their shock at discovering just how much dross gets...
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    Depeche Mode Modes To Freedom (Record Mirror, 1983)

    Modes To Freedom [Record Mirror, 22nd January 1983. Words: Betty Page. Pictures: Adrian Boot.] MODES TO FREEDOM A yellow plastic watering can rests idly on the floor, having just recovered from a bashing the previous night in the name of ‘percussive effects’. Worn leopardskin cushions...