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Bootleg Title: Ancient B-Sides
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 2001
Number of tracks: 13
Remix Title LengthTypeDuplicate of/Same as Remixer
1. Flexible (Remixed Extended)6:15Official Flood
2. Shake The Disease (Edit The Shake)7:08Official John Fryer
3. Something To Do (Metalmix)7:26OfficialMetal MixGareth Jones
4. Fly On The Windscreen (Death Mix)5:07Official Gareth Jones
5. Breathing In Fumes6:07OfficialSingle VersionDaniel Miller & Gareth Jones
6. Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix)4:24Official Dave Allen
7. Black Day2:36OfficialAlbum VersionDaniel Miller
8. Christmas Island (Extended)5:39Official Trigger
9. A Question Of Lust (Minimal)6:49Official Daniel Miller & Gareth Jones
10. Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix)6:33Official Rico Conning
11. A Question Of Time (New Town Mix - Live Remix)11:08OfficialNew Town Live RemixRico Conning
12. Stjarna4:25OfficialSingle VersionStephen Taylor
13. Sonata N° 14 (Moonlight Sonata)5:36OfficialSingle VersionAlan Wilder & Stephen