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A Broken Frame - The Parralax Series (2021)​

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Year: 2021
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 13

01.Depeche ModeLeave In Silence (Devinator's Silent Electric Mix)07:18
02.Depeche ModeMy Secret Garden (Aquario Remix)04:38
03.Depeche ModeMonument (F.H.C. Remix)03:45
04.Depeche ModeNothing To Fear (Vince Clarke 1981 Mix)03:17
05.Depeche ModeSee You (Pump Up Mix '98)07:25
06.Depeche ModeSatellite (The Tripbeat Remix)07:49
07.Depeche ModeThe Meaning Of Love (Fairly Odd Dub)03:45
08.Depeche ModeFurther Excerpts from My Secret Garden (Re Dub 2020)04:50
09.Depeche ModeA Photograph Of You (Crushed Picture Mix)02:35
10.Depeche ModeShouldn't Have Done That (12'' Dub Mix)02:05
11.Depeche ModeThe Sun And The Rainfall (Playing Devotee Remix)06:13
12.Depeche ModeOberkorn (It's Small Town) (Axis Re-Developed Mix)06:41
13.Depeche ModeNow This Is Fun (JMB & Speedy Jay Mix)07:00
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