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Angel (Remixes) (2000)
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Year: 2000
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 13

1Depeche ModeWorld In My Eyes (Demo vs From Mute Tape)05:26
2OdylleMonghi (Unreleased Track)03:32
3Dave GahanA Song For Europe (Unrealeased Track)04:36
4Depeche ModeCondemnation (Live)04:10
5Depeche ModePersonal Jesus (Live)06:00
6Depeche ModeEnjoy The Silence (Live)06:46
7Depeche ModeHalo (Live)04:55
8Depeche ModeBarrel Of A Gun (Live)06:02
9Depeche ModeIt's No Good (Live)04:07
10Depeche ModeUseless (Live)05:16
11Depeche ModeWorld In My Eyes (Safar Mix)08:30
12Depeche ModeSurrender (Catalan FC Out Of Reach Mix)06:55
13Depeche ModeHome (Jedi Knights Remix)07:02
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