Depeche Mode - B-Side Collection [Box] [official] |
B-Side Collection [Box] (2016)
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Year: 2016
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 54

CD101.Depeche ModePhotographic (Some Bizzare Version)
02.Depeche ModeSometimes I Wish I Was Dead (Flexipop version)
03.Depeche ModeIce Machine
04.Depeche ModeShout
05.Depeche ModeAny Second Now
06.Depeche ModeNow, This Is Fun
07.Depeche ModeOberkorn (It’s A Small Town)
08.Depeche ModeGet The Balance Right
09.Depeche ModeThe Great Outdoors
10.Depeche ModeWork Hard
11.Depeche ModeFools
12.Depeche ModeIn Your Memory
13.Depeche Mode(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me
14.Depeche ModeShake The Disease
15.Depeche ModeFlexible
16.Depeche ModeIt’s Called A Heart
17.Depeche ModeFly On The Windscreen
18.Depeche ModeBut Not Tonight (US Single Version)
19.Depeche ModeBlack Day
20.Depeche ModeChristmas Island
CD201.Depeche ModeAgent Orang
02.Depeche ModePleasure, Little Treasure
03.Depeche ModeRoute 66
04.Depeche ModeNever Turn Your Back On Mother Earth.(7 ‘ Flexi-disc)
05.Depeche ModeStjarna
06.Depeche ModeSonata No.14 in C#m (Moonlight Sonata)
07.Depeche ModeDangerous
08.Depeche ModeMemphisto
09.Depeche ModeSibeling
10.Depeche ModeKaleid
11.Depeche ModeHappiest Girl (Jack Mix)
12.Depeche ModeSea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)
13.Depeche ModeDeaths Door (Soundtrack version)
14.Depeche ModeMy Joy
15.Depeche ModePainkiller
16.Depeche ModeSlowblow
17.Depeche ModeOnly When I Lose Myself
CD301.Depeche ModeSurrender
02.Depeche ModeHeadstar
03.Depeche ModeEasy Tiger (Full Version)
04.Depeche ModeDirt
05.Depeche ModeZenstation
06.Depeche ModeFree
07.Depeche ModeNewborn
08.Depeche ModeBetter Days
09.Depeche ModeI Want It All (outro)
10.Depeche ModeMartyr
11.Depeche ModeOh Well
12.Depeche ModeLight
13.Depeche ModeEsque
14.Depeche ModeThe Sun And The Moon And The Stars
15.Depeche ModeGhost
16.Depeche ModeSo Cruel
17.Depeche ModeAll That’s Mine
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