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Big Fights Round 31 (2011)​

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Year: 2011
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12

01.Depeche Mode vs RAF vs Babylon ZooA Spaceman that I'm Used to Self Control (A Pain That I'm Used To)04:44
02.Depeche Mode vs EurythmicsEnjoy the Girl (Enjoy the Silence)01:57
03.Depeche Mode vs Hall & OatesPolicy of No Can Do (Policy of Truth)05:01
04.Depeche Mode vs Black Eyed PeasJust Can't Get Enough (Matizz vs DMC Short Depeche Mode Segue)06:23
05.Depeche Mode vs Nari & MilaniPersonal Kind of Love (Personal Jesus)05:15
06.Depeche Mode vs Justin TimberlakeAround the Wheel (Behind the Wheel)03:58
07.Depeche Mode vs Adam AntAre People Apollo 9 ? (People are People)04:08
08.Depeche Mode vs LadytronDestroy the Chains (In Chains)10:00
09.Depeche Mode vs AdeleRolling in the Silence (Enjoy the Silence)04:16
10.Depeche Mode vs Eric PrydzNitOnOff Photographic (Luka Cheerys Re-Boot) (Photographic)09:05
11.Depeche Mode vs EurythmicsHere Comes the World in my Eyes (World in my Eyes)04:38
12.Depeche Mode vs Daft PunkI Feel Tron (I Feel Loved)08:10
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