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Big Fights Round 32 (2011)​

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Year: 2011
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12

01.Depeche Mode vs David BowieWorld in My Dance (World in my Eyes)03:57
02.Depeche Mode vs AviciiEnjoy The Bromance (Enjoy the Silence)03:37
03.Depeche Mode vs The Toxic AvengerPersonal Jesus (Touch Faith Mashup)04:21
04.Depeche Mode vs Janet JacksonNever Let The Black Cat Go Down Again (Never Let Me Down Again)04:41
05.Depeche Mode vs 2PacDon't Cry On The Windscreen (Fly on the Windscreen)03:26
06.Depeche Mode vs M-PeopleTime To Move (A Question of Time)03:23
07.Depeche Mode vs CamouflagePeople are Kling Klang (People Are People)06:08
08.Depeche Mode vs MuzikfabrikWait Everything Counts (Everything Counts)06:34
09.Depeche Mode vs PortisheadThe Darkest Cowboys (The Darkest Star)05:19
10.Depeche Mode vs Ladánybene 27I Feel Judgement Day (I Feel Loved)03:00
11.Depeche Mode vs Katy PerryTGI Just Can't Get Friday Enough (Just Can't Get Enough)03:50
12.Depeche Mode vs Vasco RossiPersonal Manifesto (Personal Jesus)06:47
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