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Big Fights Round 33 (2011)​

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Year: 2011
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 12

01.Depeche Mode vs PhotekTo Have & To Burn (To Have And To Hold)03:10
02.Depeche Mode vs The DoorsRoadhouse Personal Jesus Blues (Personal Jesus)03:51
03.Depeche Mode vs When In RomeEnjoy The Promise (Enjoy The Silence)04:18
04.Depeche Mode vs Aretha FranklinJust Can't Get Enough Deeper Love (Just Can't Get Enough)03:23
05.Depeche Mode vs VisageNever Let Me Fade To Grey (Never Let Me Down Again)16:12
06.Depeche Mode vs Hol BaumannOne Step In Your Room (In Your Room)08:23
07.Depeche Mode vs Rob DouganDougan's Ghost (Ghost)03:42
08.Depeche Mode vs Phil CollinsStripped In The Air Tonight (Stripped)05:28
09.Depeche Mode vs The BrainsI Feel Treason 2011 Remix (I Feel Loved)03:19
10.Depeche Mode vs Missy ElliottEnjoy The Hot (Enjoy The Silence)04:26
11.Depeche Mode vs SuperpitcherHeroin Wheel (Behind The Wheel)07:10
12.Depeche Mode vs Tiesto feat. Busta RhymesC'mon Fragile Tension (Fragile Tension)07:01
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