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Delta Machine - www depmode com (2013)​

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Year: 2013
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 18

01.Depeche ModeWelcome to my World (Front Remix)5:28
02.Depeche ModeAngel (Island Drifting Somewhere Remix)5:34
03.Depeche ModeHeaven (8.5-bit Remix by JCRZ)4:05
04.Depeche ModeSecret to the End (Obvious Remix)6:31
05.Depeche ModeMy Little Universe (Universe Remix)6:39
06.Depeche ModeBroken (Dance Version)4:46
07.Depeche ModeSoft Touch / Raw Nerve (Poly Gore Re-Edit)3:28
08.Depeche ModeShould be Higher (MAPS Remix)5:43
09.Depeche ModeAlone (Flash Devotee Remix 2)5:54
10.Depeche ModeSlow (Overflow Mix)4:16
11.Depeche ModeThe Child Inside (Mix by O.D.L.)2:19
12.Depeche ModeAll That’s Mine (Plastic Mix Instrumental)4:46
13.Depeche ModeSoothe my Soul (Steve Angello vs Jacques Lu Cont Remix)7:02
14.Depeche ModeAlways (Rising Mix)3:09
15.Depeche ModeLong Time Lie (Re-count Remix)7:02
16.Depeche ModeAlone (Maxi Iborquiza Remix)9:48
17.Depeche ModeAll That's Mine (wES wALLACE Extended Remix)5:49
18.Depeche ModeGoodbye (Mix by Faithhealer)6:32
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