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01.Depeche ModeDream On (Back Home Mix)03:51
02.Depeche ModeStripped (Epic Indigo Moon Mix)08:24
03.Depeche ModeI Feel Loved (Butcher Brothers Remix)04:04
04.Depeche ModeSacred (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)03:02
05.Depeche ModeWaiting for the Night (Sonic Integration Mix)06:08
06.Depeche ModeFreelove (Underground Labor Extended Mix)08:32
07.Depeche ModeSomebody (Spiral Tribe Mix)04:31
08.Depeche ModeGoodnight Lovers (Isan Falling Leaf Mix)05:54
09.Depeche ModeSee You (Overground Mass Dub)04:43
10.Depeche ModeI Am You (Organia Mix)06:02
11.Depeche ModeA Photograph of You (Renty's Long Exposure Mix)04:54
12.Depeche ModeStories of Old (Magnum Mix)03:42
13.K.K. ProjectEverything Counts (Black Project Mix)06:33