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The 41st Strike - 41 Aliens (2019)​

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Year: 2019 ?
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 13

01.Depeche ModeLie to Me (Chainsaw Mix)07:25
02.Depeche ModeBehind the Wheel (Aliens Scifi Remix)06:05
03.Depeche ModeThe Dead of Night (Electronicat Remix)07:36
04.Depeche ModeBlue Dress (Violator 2000 Mix)04:29
05.Depeche ModeHere is the House (Performance Mix)07:45
06.Depeche ModeDream On (Demi Dub Extended Vocal Dance Mix)05:29
07.Depeche ModeWaiting for the Night (Stripped Windscreen Mix)06:06
08.Depeche ModeGoodnight Lovers (Remode Mix)03:43
09.Depeche ModeDreaming of Me (Bigstar Mix)05:06
10.Depeche ModePersonal Jesus (Unreleased Extended Instr. Version)03:09
11.Depeche ModeNothing to Fear (Alexander Robotniek Remix)03:27
12.Depeche ModeSomebody (Unreleased SGR Demo)03:48
13.Depeche ModeI Feel Loved (Live in Los Angeles 2001)04:49


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