Depeche Mode - The 44th Strike - 44 Philly's Strikes Back 2021-09-04 |

The 44th Strike - 44 Philly's Strikes Back (20xx)​

44th strike - int.jpg

Year: 20xx
Unofficial Release
Tracks: 13

01.Depeche ModeThe Dead Of Night (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)05:01
02.Depeche ModeSister Of Night (Excited In Birmingham 2001)05:05
03.Depeche ModeBreathe (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)05:13
04.Depeche ModeFreelove (Excited In Philadelphia (2001)06:51
05.Depeche ModePersonal Jesus (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)05:49
06.Depeche ModeDressed In Black (Excited In Wantagh 2001)03:11
07.Depeche ModeSomebody (Excited In Mannheim 2001)05:17
08.Depeche ModeWorld Full Of Nothing (Excited In Mannheim 2001)03:33
09.Depeche ModeWorld Full Of Nothing (Black Bass Mix)07:25
10.Depeche ModeWorld Full Of Nothing (Nervous Boys From Greece Dance Mix)05:22
11.Depeche ModeBehind The Wheel (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)05:21
12.Depeche ModeBlasphemous Rumours (Believe In Jesus Mix V2 Edit)08:44
13.Depeche ModeI Feel Loved (Excited 2002 Mix)03:53
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