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    Dave Gahan 60 Second Interview: Dave Gahan (Metro, 2005)

    60 Second Interview: Dave Gahan [Metro, 3rd October 2005. Words: Andy Williams / "GG". Picture: Uncredited.] Who would have thought when fresh-faced Basildon boys Depeche Mode perkily performed I Just Can't Get Enough on Top Of The Pops in 1981 that a life of rock'n'roll excess lay ahead? Not...
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    Dave Gahan Dave Gahan (Q&A) (Metro, 2003)

    Dave Gahan (Q&A) [Metro, 27th October 2003. Words: Rob Haynes. Picture: Uncredited.] Since 1980, Dave Gahan has experience stadium-filling highs and drug addicted lows as the voice of Depeche Mode. With the electro rockers currently on indefinite hiatus, Gahan has released his first solo...
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    Martin Gore 60 Second Interview Martin Gore (Metro, 2003)

    60 Second Interview: Martin Gore [Metro, 28th April 2003. Words: James Ellis.] Martin Gore is the songwriter in Depeche Mode. Along with Dave Gahan and Andy Fletcher, the band have had hits with Just Can't Get Enough, Blasphemous Rumours and Personal Jesus. Six years ago, the group almost...
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    Depeche Mode Touring The Angel / Angel Fire (Metro, 2006)

    Touring The Angel [Metro, 6th October 2006. Words: Andrzej Lubowski / Iain Nussey.] For all their success, Depeche Mode never quite entered the REM / US alt.rock mega-league and, with the best will in the world, Touring The Angel is a fair indicator as to why. Shot at the Milan date of the...
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    Depeche Mode Second Coming (Metro, 2006)

    Second Coming [Metro, 26th April 2006. Words: Andrzej Lubowski.] Depeche Mode's hugely popular 1990 album Violator features not only the two best songs Depeche Mode ever wrote but two of the best songs anybody ever wrote - the blues-from-hell of Personal Jesus and the glistening, poignant...
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    Depeche Mode GIG Depeche Mode (Metro, 2006)

    GIG Depeche Mode [Metro, 30th March 2006, Words: Neil Davenport. Picture: Anton Corbijn.] Famously, Depeche Mode were dismissed as the Essex boy lightweights of early 1980s electropop. That they’ve never had to grimace through Here & Now tours suggests one thing: when did everything go...