Martin Gore - (1984) Some Great Reward (Martin Gore Demo & Studio Outtakes) |

Martin Gore (1984) Some Great Reward (Martin Gore Demo & Studio Outtakes)


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Martin Gore Demo & Studio Outtakes 1984

Lie To Me (demo).
Martin's home demo for the song bears a strong resemblance to the album version.

Stories Of Old (studio outtake). A more basic sounding mix of the album version, lacking reverb and with different samples for percussion and some other sounds, but otherwise quite similar to the final album version. It seems to be a different vocal take as well.

Master And Servant (studio outtake). This outtake has some female backing vocals which are not present in the final album version. The vocals were contributed by Inga & Annette Humpe, aka Humpe Humpe . They were recording their debut album at Hansa Studios at the same time Depeche Mode were recording "Some Great Reward".
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