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Martin Gore Demos & Studio Outtakes 1985 - 1986

It's Called A Heart (Studio Outtake)

Other than the different intro and lack of reverb, this outtake is nearly identical to the single version.

Fly On The Windscreen (Studio Outtake)

This outtake lacks the reverb found in the It's Called A Heart single's B-side version, and also has different percussion samples.

World Full Of Nothing (Alternate Version [excerpt])

This version was uploaded to Soundcloud (file private/removed) as an "alternate" version with an additional background melody and some different samples. Audio clip is from Svenner's demo page*.

Dressed In Black (Pre-Release Version)

This pre-release version of Dressed In Black appears on the 7" vinyl Record Mirror RM1 which was bundled with the February 8th, 1986 issue of the UK magazine "Record Mirror". The most easily noticed difference is the castanets in the background during certain parts of the song (the excerpt below depicts this). There are some other slight differences, but they are not too noteworthy.

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Christmas Island (Emulator II Sequence)

A sequence of Christmas Island sourced from one of Alan Wilder's Emulator II floppy disks can be heard below. More information is on the page detailing the Emax samples from Alan's 2011 auction. This isn't strictly a demo or studio outtake, but perhaps it could be considered a rough studio mix.
If you listen closely below towards the end of Alan Wilder's Emulator II demonstration for Autoworld on September 9, 1987 in Brussels, it seems that this sequence was the one he played over.
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Note: * - Svenner's demo page , now defunct, contained further information about demos as was some info about unreleased mixes, fake demos claimed to be Depeche Mode's, some backing samples, etc. The site is still accessible on , but some audio files are not available.
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