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Guillaume Tell Studios 1987 - 1987 demos for the "Music For The Masses" [FLAC]
Guillaume Tell Studios 1987

Demos from tape labeled "Guillaume Tell Studios 1987".
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Guillaume Tell Studios 1987Guillaume Tell Studios 1987 lowgeneration cassette

1. Sacred (Studio Outtake) 5:28
2. Behind The Wheel (Studio Outtake) 5:12
3. I Want You Now (Studio Outtake) 3:49
4. Agent Orange (Studio Outtake) 4:26
5. Strangelove (Studio Outtake) 3:49

All of the following excerpts are sourced from a low-generation (though poorly recorded) tape labeled "Guillaume Tell Studios 1987", transferred by the DM Live webmaster in October 2015. Quality is much improved compared to the previously bootleg-sourced copies which had insanely destructive noise reduction applied, though this tape has its own flaws such as strange volume fluctuations and brief distortion at the starts of some of the songs, probably the result of poor automatic gain control on a cassette deck sometime in the generation. Tracks are ordered as they appear on the tape itself.

Sacred (studio outtake). There is an additional synth line not present in the album version, as well as other small differences.

Behind The Wheel (studio outtake).

I Want You Now (studio outtake). The outtake is significantly different from the album version; due to this fact, this version is sometimes thought to be a demo, but it is definitely an outtake.

Agent Orange (studio outtake). The outtake is nearly identical to the final version. The "SOS" Morse code at the end of the song is not present on the outtake.

Strangelove (studio outtake). Martin's backing vocal "It's important" before the line "Pain, will you return it / I won't say it again" is present on this outtake. It is not present on any officially-released mix of Strangelove other than the Strangelove '88 single releases, where it is present on the "Hijack Mix" (aka "Tim Simenon/Mark Saunders Remix") and possibly others.