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...also 20 Years again


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I was happy to discover this forum and am reminiscing. I was there too 20 years ago
Strangelove Forum and the Depeche Mode Network. I chose my nickname for recognition.
I put together some bootlegs back then and also made some covers. The Complete Singles and Remix Collection series
was e.g. initially started in 2003 by someone named Purzel and me and then by me alone until the last number
(45) continued until 2005.
However, due to a record crash years ago, private restructuring
and a long illness, many of my collectibles were lost over the years. Such as. a few of mine
own series, or e.g. The Ultrastrikes by Dj Xtended (I think the cover for 12 was also mine)
I am happy to rediscover some treasures here and of course many new things.
What I haven't found so far is whether it's allowed to ask about special albums. I'm particularly interested in my own series,
and if so, under which thread.

Liebe Grüsse splitterherz/Phoenix-Graphix, Austria