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Classic-Beats 01 Classic Remixes - 1988 Remix Compilation

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdClassic Beats - CB-CD011988Ultimate Remix Bootlegguide-
2cdClassic-Beats - CB-CD 011992Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005-
3cdClassic-Beats Inc. – CB-CD 011993discogs-
41994Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Centermp3
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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:
ClassicBeatsVol1Front - th2.jpg
Bootleg Title: Classic-Beats Vol.1
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 1994
Number of tracks: 9
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Breathing In Fumes5:30BootlegRazormaid RemixJoseph Watt
2. New Dress6:44BootlegRazormaid MixArt Maharg
3. Master ... Set Me Free9:10BootlegMaster ... Set Me Free (Razormaid Mix)Joseph Watt
4. Strangelove (Fresh Mix)7:48PromoThe Fresh Ground MixPhil Harding
5. Just Can't Get Enough (Base Mix)7:16BootlegOn-U-Sound MixAdrian Sherwood
6. Master And Servant (Power Mix)8:10BootlegHammerhead MixMarc Jonston
7. A Question Of Lust3:51PromoUS Promo 12 Inch Remix EditRobert Margouleff
8. It's Time For A New Life Megamix11:30BootlegClassic ModesRobert Margouleff
9. The Broadway Medley13:04BootlegDisconet MegamixTony Lumen


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Info from The Ultimate Remix Bootlegguide:
ClassicBeatsVol1Front3 - th.jpg

Classic Beats Vol. 1
Label: Classic Beats
Catalog-Nr.: CB-CD01
Release: 1988
Country: USA
CD101Breathing In FumesJoseph Watt and Art MahargPromo00:05:28unknown-/10
CD102New DressJoseph Watt and Art MahargPromo00:06:45unknown-/10
CD103Master... Set Me FreeJoseph Watt and Art MahargPromo00:09:11unknown-/10
CD104StrangeloveFresh MixPhil HardingPromo00:07:54unknown-/10
CD105Just Can`t Get EnoughBase MixRobert Margouleff and Marc JonstonBootleg00:07:19unknown-/10
CD106Master And ServantPower MixRobert Margouleff and Marc JonstonBootleg00:08:11unknown-/10
CD107A Question Of LustRobert Margouleff and Marc JonstonPromo00:03:45unknown-/10
CD108MegamixIt`s Time For A New LifeRobert Margouleff and Marc JonstonBootleg00:11:41unknown-/10
CD109MegamixThe Broadway MedleyTony LumenBootleg00:13:08unknown-/10


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

Classic Remixes (e)

CD 1992 US (Classic-Beats CB-CD 01)
1 5:28 dek Breathing In Fumes (Razormaid mix)
2 6:45 a1b3de New Dress (Razormaid mix)
3 9:11 a1de Master/Set Me Free (Razormaid mix)
4 7:54 a3b7eq- Strangelove (Fresh Ground mix) ["Fresh mix"]
5 7:19 a2b4e Just Can't Get Enough (On-USound remix) ["Base mix"]
6 8:11 b4c2ekl Master And Servant (Hammerhead mix) ["Power mix"]
7 3:45 a2b4del- A Question Of Lust [Robert Margouleff mix]
8 11:41 b5c1ek It's Time For A New Life Megamix
9 13:08 b5e Disconet Megamix ["The Broadway Medley"]


Classic Remixes​

CD 1992 US (Classic-Beats CB-CD 01)
5:28 Breathing In Fumes (Razormaid mix)
6:45 New Dress (Razormaid mix)
9:11 Master/Set Me Free (Razormaid mix)
7:54 Strangelove (Fresh Ground mix) ["Fresh mix"]
7:19 Just Can't Get Enough (On-USound remix) ["Base mix"]
8:11 Master And Servant (Hammerhead mix) ["Power mix"]
3:45 A Question of Lust [Robert Margouleff mix]
11:41 It's Time for a New Life Megamix
13:08 Disconet Megamix ["The Broadway Medley"]

[Good sound quality. Distributed by Classic-Beats PO BOX 12047 San Francisco CA 94114.]

Classic Remixes​

Comments: Chad Maier

Along with DJ's, one of the first bootleg cd's produced. Not the best bootleg around, however. QUALITY = 7

Breathing In Fumes (Razormaid Mix) 5:28 This stunning version of the remix of Stripped makes this cd worth any amount of money you pay for it!!!!
New Dress (Razormaid) 6:45 Incredible, find better quality on 3rd Stike.
Master...Set Me Free (Razormaid) 9:11 A stellar example of what really good mixing can do.
Strangelove (Fresh Mix) 7:54 Great mix previously only on UK 12" promo.
Just Can't Get Enough (Base Mix) 7:19 *okay* version.
Master and Servant (Power Mix) 8:11 AKA Hammerhead mix. *okay* version.
A Question of Lust 3:45 Credited to Robert Margouleff. Different intro.
The Broadway Medly 13:08 Very good megamix!
Comments: Erik van Linstee

Breathing In Fumes 5:28
This is basically the original except a bit shorter.

New Dress 6:45
This is an extended version of New Dress. There is no fancy remixing, it is merely altered by repeating several parts.

Master..Set Me Free 9:11
This track starts off as Master and Servant, goes into the Slavery Whip
Mix and then leaps into Set Me Free (Remotivate Me). It is altered only a bit by cutting and pasting.

Strangelove (Fresh Mix) 7:54
This track features the Pain Mix and a sample of an artist saying SUPER DJ. Again only a bit of cutting and pasting.

Just Can't Get Enough (Base Mix) 7:19
This track is a mixture of the original and the live version as heard on the B-side of Love In Itself. The beat is alter a bit and the track is edited with a phase shifting device which makes it sound as if you're listening to from far off and the wind is taking away the sound periodically.

Master And Servant (Power Mix) 8:11
This is the Slavery Whip Mix. It is edited a lot. There is a sample of a
voice saying POWER every once in a while and the rest is cut up,
repeating bit's and echoing parts repeatedly.

A Question Of Lust 3:45
This comes closest to the remix on the limited edition cassette single.
No special effects.

It's Time For A New Life Megamix 11:41
This track has parts of the following songs, all strung together:
Everything counts / People are People / Master and Servant /Just Can't Get Enough / See You / A Question Of Time / New Life

The Broadway Medley 13:08
This track has parts of the following songs, all strung together:
Strangelove (Simenon/Saunders remix) / People are People /Master and Servant / Behind The Wheel (remix) / Route 66 (Casualty Mix) /Just Can't Get Enough (Schizo Mix) / Set Me Free (Remotivate Me)

Tracks 1-3 appear to be mastered from CD whereas the rest is mastered from vinyl. The overall sound quality is quite good.

Distributed by Classic-Beats PO BOX 12047 San Francisco CA 94114

Comments: Bennett McElwee

Some vinyl noise is evident on most tracks, but not much. Overall sound quality is very good.

Breathing In Fumes (Razormaid)
Sounds very similar to the original.

New Dress (Razormaid)
An unremarkable cut and paste remix.

Master/Set Me Free (Razormaid)
A standard cut & paste of "M&S", with a very short bridge section after 4 minutes leading into a standard cut & paste "(SMF)RM". Actually, given that description, it's not bad at all.

Strangelove (Fresh Mix)
A good remix with a different puchy beat. And of course that "Super DJ"sample from Cameo's "Word Up". A very small amount of vinyl noise.

Just Can't Get Enough (Base Mix)
A really good mix of the regular version and a live version, with crowdnoise, Dave saying "This is a 12-inch, so sing along", and a thumping beat. The vocals are a bit too far back in the mix sometimes, but this is still a great mix despite a tiny bit of vinyl noise.

Master And Servant (Power Mix)
Good cut and paste mix, with effects and repeated and echoed samples from the original mixes. Features a voice saying "Power" all over the beginning of the track, sounding like something from an American radio station. Some vinyl noise.

A Question Of Lust
A few nice effects in the background, otherwise similar to the album version.
Sounds very radio-friendly, a bit poppier and happier than the original.
A good mix.

It's Time For A New Life Megamix
A good mix, with bits of songs showing up in other songs--more mixed- up than some megamixes. Good sound, with a tiny amount of vinyl noise.

The Broadway Medley
A good mix, because some of the songs mixed together are remixes rather than the standard single versions. This makes for a more interesting mix...but the songs aren't as mixed-up as in the previous track.


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#3 cd, Classic-Beats Inc. – CB-CD 01
Remix, Edited By – Art Maharg (tracks: 1, 2, 3), Joseph Watt (tracks: 1, 2, 3), Marc Jonston (tracks: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9), Robert Margouleff (tracks: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)


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