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Classic Collection 02 - The Best Ultra Remixes - 2000 Remix & Live Compilation

Classic Collection 02 - The Best Ultra Remixes (2000) classic_collection02_front - int.jpg

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
12cd? - CC 22000--
2---Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center, dmdescargasmp3
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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: Classic Collection 02: The Best Ultra Remixes
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 2000
Number of tracks: 18 (2 CD's)
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1 (CD1). Barrel Of A Gun (Hardtune Mix)5:42BootlegHard Tune Mix
2. The Love Thieves (Remix)7:17BootlegUltra Remix 2M L Gee
3. Home (Spring Clean Mix)9:02BootlegSnare
4. It's No Good (Good Mix)6:41PromoA Rare MixBrian Transeau
5. Uselink (Ambient Mix)5:06BootlegM L Gee
6. Useless (Deadline Remix)9:19BootlegDist Power MixSecret Mixer
7. Useless (Remix)5:34BootlegUltra RemixSpeedy J
8. Sister Of Night (Remix)8:58BootlegTriad RemixM L Gee
9. Jazz Thieves (Trip Hop Mix)5:04BootlegM L Gee
10 (CD2). Freestate (Waveline)6:27BootlegWaveline MixFreestate
11. The Bottom Line (Y2K Edit)3:06BootlegMaTo
12. Insight (Organix Mix)5:48BootlegOrganic MixDK
13. Megamix (Ultra Mega Mix)18:23BootlegM L Gee
14. Painkiller (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)?:??OfficialLive Recording
15. Barrel Of A Gun (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)6:02OfficialLive RecordingTim Simenon
16. Useless (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)5:21OfficialLive RecordingQ.
17. It's No Good (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)4:06OfficialLive RecordingTim Simenon & Q.
18. Home (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)?:??OfficialLive Recording
19. Never Let Me Down Again (Live 1997-04-10, Adrenalin Village)?:??OfficialLive Recording