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Classic Techno Niagara Mixes 02 - 1993 Remix Compilation

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cd? - DM 170021993--
2---Unknown sourcemp3
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#1 cd, DM 17002, 1993
Limited Edition of 1000 copies
Release doesn't state anywhere mix names.
Track #5 is credited as "Never Let Me Down"
Track #8 is credited as "Deathwish"
Track #9 is a Megamix.
Tracks #11 & 12 are reversed on cover
Track 1 is an official remix from the UK Music Factory Mastermix remix service. Remixer : Mastermix Unity
Tracks 2,5 come from the b-side of an untitled bootleg 12" (cat# TS 30). Track 2 remixed by Marc Jonston
Track 3 is an official remix from the US Art Of Mix remix service. Remixer : Justin Strauss
Track 4 is taken from the "Earth Girls Are Easy" soundtrack. Remixer : Nile Rodgers
Track 6 is labeled as the Mixx-Rite Remix of "World In My Eyes" but is actually the official Ultimix remix service remix. The Mixx-Rite label released it on bootleg 12". Remixer : Midback
Tracks 7,8 come from the very first bootleg ON-USound 12" (no cat#). Remixer : Adrian Sherwood
Track 10 : Robert Margouleff remix (other names : Margouleff Mix, Remix, Robert Margouleff Mix, US Mix, US 7" Mix)
Track 11 : Remixed by Shep Pettibone (other names : classic Techno Niagara Mix, Dub Mix, Dub Remix,
Take 1, US Promo Dub Mix)
Track 12 : Remixed by Robert Margouleff (other names : Classic Beats Remix, Margouleff Mix, Margouleff Remix, Margouleff-US Radio Mix, One Canal Mix, Pre-Release Promo Version, Razormaid Mix, Remix, Remix Edit By Margouleff, Robert Margouleff Mix, Robert Morgouleff 7" Remix, US Promo 12 Inch Remix Edit)
The first 9 tracks are on this release: The Classic Techno Mixes Vol. 2 (The Secret Remixes)


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

Classic Techno Niagara Mixes Volume 2 (l)

CD 1993
1 5:33 c2l Just Can't Get Enough [Master mix]
2 8:12 b4c2ekl Master And Servant [Hammerhead mix]
3 8:44 a2b6c2glqt3 Nothing [Art of Mix]
4 4:09 a2b3c2lq= Route 66 [Nile Rodgers mix]
5 7:36 b4c2lq Never Let Me Down Again [Groovy mix]
6 5:35 b4c2lm World In My Eyes [Mixx-Rite mix]
7 4:35 a2b3c2l Photographic [On-USound remix] [Photogenic]
8 3:36 a2b3c2l I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead [On-USound remix] [Deathwish]
9 8:21 c2glnt3 The Official Megamix ["T.O.M."]
10 4:27 a2l But Not Tonight [alternate Robert Margouleff mix]
11 5:52 a2b1dgklt2 Behind The Wheel [Razormaid mix]
12 3:48 a2b4del- A Question Of Lust [Robert Margouleff mix]
Tracks 1-9 are from The Classic Techno Mixes Vol.2 CD.
Tracks 10-12 are from Ultra Rare Trax 2.


Classic Techno Niagara Mixes Volume 2​

CD 1993
Just Can't Get Enough; Master And Servant; Nothing; Route 66; Never Let Me Down Again; World In My Eyes; Photogenic; Deathwish; The Official Megamix; But Not Tonight; Behind The Wheel; A Question of Lust

[Tracks 1-9 are taken from Classic Techno Mixes vol 2; tracks 10-12 are taken from Ultra Rare Trax 2.]