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Demo Compilation [2014] - 2014 Demos and Studio Outtakes Compilation 1980-1990 [FLAC]
Demo Compilation
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2014 Demos and Studio Outtakes Compilation 1980-1990
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Depeche Mode - Demo Compilation (Studio FLAC)

This is an expanded and improved demo compilation, with many of the tracks now being sourced from low-generation cassette tape copies.
Quality is excellent for the most part, except for tracks 1 and 10 which had excessive noise reduction applied to them. I am working on acquiring a better sounding copy of those tracks. Some tracks have a moderate amount of hiss and occasional slight distortion of bass due to the middling quality tape used when these tape copies were created.

"All By Themselves" is a track often in dispute by fans who are unsure whether it's really one of Martin's demos. I firmly believe it is, but I cannot furnish absolute proof of that.
It definitely sounds like Martin Gore's vocals, in my opinion. It's a very gloomy, depressing sounding song with vocals subdued and difficult to comprehend (which is why I have not transcribed lyrics for this song yet).
As fellow DIME member humanracer25 put it, "All by Themselves is a right dirge, makes Pipeline sound like a rave track."
I left the five "Construction Time Again" demo tracks in the order they appear on my tape copy - presumably, this is the order they appeared on Martin's original demo tape as well.
These tracks play a little faster than the previous source for these tracks ("Martin L. Gore Studio Tapes" bootleg), but I feel that they are closer to the correct speed now.

The demo of "If You Want" circulates and I've got a very good sounding copy of it, but I will include that track in a future release.
Alan Wilder provided four demo tracks for "Some Great Reward", but until I have absolute proof that these four demo tracks are really his, I will refrain from sharing the four tracks on DIME.
These tracks have been under more dispute than "All By Themselves" in regards to their authenticity, and I want to provide a definitive answer to quell any remaining doubt regarding these tracks.
The four demo tracks were not given titles by Alan on the inlay card of the demo tape, but fans have assigned the titles "Violence", "I Feel No Guilt", and "Until You've Sown The Seed" (sometimes "Cliche" due to the track's tongue-in-cheek lyrics) to the other three tracks; for obvious reasons, "If You Want" is the correct title for that track as it appears as the penultimate track of the "Some Great Reward" album. The other three demo tracks currently circulate on various bootlegs with dubious quality.

This tape's copy of the "Shake The Disease" demo seems to be missing the first several seconds of the intro riff.
Some YouTube and Soundcloud versions have the complete intro, but I left the track alone instead of trying to complete the intro using an inferior sounding and lossy source.

I would presume the two Martin cover tracks at the end of the compilation were recorded for the 1989's "Counterfeit e.p.", but they may have also been recorded for friends of Martin's. I have not found proof for either theory.

The Summer 1980 Demo Tape consisting of "Ice Machine", "Radio News", and "Photographic" can be downloaded on DIME.

At this point, there are not many demos currently circulating that are still missing lossless versions.
Those demos include the four tracks from Vince Clarke's demo tape ("Television Set", "Photographic", and two unnamed songs), "Barrel Of A Gun", "Hole To Feed", and "Come Back".
You can find more information about these demo tracks at the wiki page above.

Many, many thanks to a kind collector for generously lending me his tapes containing some of these demos. Photos of the respective cassette tapes are included in this torrent.
Compiled and shared on DIME by ligushka on December 26, 2014. All cassette tape transfers done by ligushka.

Track list:
01. [3:12] Let's Get Together (Demo) | Vince Clarke's demo from 1980, not sure exactly which demo tape it appears on
02. [4:33] Love In Itself (Demo) | 1983 "Construction Time Again" session
03. [3:44] Told You So (Demo) | 1983 "Construction Time Again" session
04. [4:34] And Then... (Demo) | 1983 "Construction Time Again" session
05. [5:06] Pipeline (Demo) | 1983 "Construction Time Again" session
06. [5:15] All By Themselves (Demo) | 1983 "Construction Time Again" session
07. [4:20] Lie To Me (Demo) | 1984 "Some Great Reward" session
08. [4:17] Shake The Disease (Demo) | January 1985
09. [4:42] Here Is The House (Demo) | January 1985
10. [3:52] I Want You Now (Demo) | 1987 "Music For The Masses" session
11. [2:02] Enjoy The Silence (Demo) | Recorded 1989 for the "Perversion" demo tape
12. [2:47] Martin L. Gore - Down In The Boondocks (Demo) | Recorded for 1989 "Counterfeit" e.p.
13. [2:33] Martin L. Gore - I Love You Love Me Love (Demo) | Rumored to have been recorded as a gift for one of Martin's friends
Total time: 50:56
All songs written by Martin L. Gore, except for "Let's Get Together" which was written by Vince Clarke, "Down In The Boondocks" which was written by Joe South and "I Love You Love Me Love" which was written by Gary Glitter.