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(DJ Ultrasound presents) Rare Remixes 02 - 2009 Remix Compilation by DJ Ultrasound

(DJ Ultrasound presents) Rare Remixes 02 (2009) DJ Ultrasound presents - Depeche Mode (Rare Remixes vol. 2) - thum.JPG

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdUltrasound Studio / kolablogradio - ?2009--
2---Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Centermp3


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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: (DJ Ultrasound presents) Rare Remixes Vol. 2
Remixer(s): DJ Ultrasound
Released: 12 June 2009
Number of tracks: 9 (+ 1 Bonus Track)
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Everything Counts (Ultrasound Extended Version)10:08BootlegDJ Ultrasound
2. Fly On The Windscreen (Ultrasound Extended Remix)16:56BootlegDJ Ultrasound
3. It's No Good (Ultrasound Extended Remix)12:10BootlegDJ Ultrasound
4. Just Can't Get Enough (Ultrasound Extended Extra Schizo Mix)10:10BootlegDJ Ultrasound
5. Master And Servant (Ultrasound Extended Remix)10:11BootlegDJ Ultrasound
6. Never Let Me Down Again (Ultrasound Extended Remix)9:58BootlegDJ Ultrasound
7. Personal Jesus (Ultrasound Extended Version)12:59BootlegDJ Ultrasound
8. Precious (Ultrasound 12inch Version)9:36BootlegDJ Ultrasound
9. Strangelove (Ultrasound Extended Version)13:43BootlegDJ Ultrasound
10 (Bonus Track). The Things You Said (Ultrasound Longer Harmony Mix)8:50BootlegDJ Ultrasound