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Forbidden Fruits 02 - Polished Gold - 1996 Remix Compilation

Forbidden Fruits 02 - Polished Gold (1996) ForbiddenFruits2Front2 - int.jpg

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdPain + Love Records - ?1996--
2cdPain+Love Records,Hastings - GORGA 20?-
3---Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Centermp3
Also released as:

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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: Forbidden Fruits Vol. 2 - Polished Gold
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 1996
Number of tracks: 20
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Policy Of Truth (FM Radio Remix)4:06PromoRadio EditFrancois Kevorkian
2. Behind The Wheel (FM Radio Remix)3:55Promo7" DJ RemixShep Pettibone
3. Strangelove (Blind Remix Edit)3:57PromoBlind Mix 7" EditDaniel Miller & Rico Conning
4. Personal Jesus ((Who Is Jesus) - Remix)6:29BootlegWho Is ... ?DJ Sven Schmidt
5. Master And Servant (Single Remix)3:27OfficialEditDaniel Miller & Gareth Jones
6. Route 66/Behind The Wheel (Megamix No. 2)4:22PromoMega-Single Mix V2Roger Pauletta & Jeff Lord-Alge
7. Boys Say Go! (Session-Version For BBC Radio 1 21.6.81)2:45PromoPeel Session
8. A Question Of Time (Phil Harding Extended Remix)6:39OfficialExtended RemixPhil Harding
9. Never Let Me Down Again (Chris' Original Mega-Sound Remix)4:22OfficialTsangarides MixChris Tsangarides
10. Walking In My Shoes (Single Remix)4:31PromoAlbum EditMark Stent & Flood
11. Enjoy The Silence (Video Mix)4:36OfficialSingle Version (Edit)Daniel Miller & Flood
12. I Feel You (Cutoff Metal Mix)4:27OfficialIntro EditMark Stent & Flood
13. Route 66 (Martin L. Gore Accoustic Version)0:26Bootleg
14. Route 66 (Dave Allen Remix Edit)4:25BootlegDave Allen
15. But Not Tonight (US 7" Mix)4:25BootlegUS 7 Inch RemixRobert Margouleff
16. Shake The Disease (Fade Mix)3:59OfficialFadeDaniel Miller & Gareth Jones
17. Faith Healer (Radio Edit)4:52BootlegAlan Wilder & Steve Lyon
18. Behind The Wheel (US D.J. Mix)3:55Promo7" DJ RemixShep Pettibone
19. A Question Of Lust (One Canal Mix)3:51PromoUS Promo 12 Inch Remix EditRobert Margouleff
20. Pimpf (Strict Edit Midi Mix)0:30Bootleg
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Info from The Ultimate Remix Bootlegguide:

Forbidden Fruits 2 - Polished Gold
Label: Pain+Love Records,Hastings
Catalog-Nr.: GORGA 20
Country: England
CD101Policy Of TruthFM Radio RemixunknownBootleg00:04:05unknown10/10
CD102Behind The WheelFM Radio RemixShep PettibonePromo00:03:52unknown10/10
CD103StrangeloveBlind Remix Remix EditDaniel Miller and Rico ConningPromo00:03:52unknown10/10
CD104Personal JesusWho is Jesus RemixDJ Sven SchmidtPromo00:06:29unknown10/10
CD105Master And ServantSingle RemixDaniel Miller and Gareth JonesPromo00:03:24unknown10/10
CD106RoutE 66/Behind The WheelMegamix No.2unknownBootleg00:04:20unknown10/10
CD107Boys Say GoSession Version For BBC Radio 1 21.6.81unknownBootleg00:02:42unknown10/10
CD108A Question Of TimePhil Hardning Extended RemixPhil HardingOfficial00:06:32unknown10/10
CD109Never Let Me Down AgainChris Original Mega-Sound RemixunknownBootleg00:04:18unknown10/10
CD110Walking In My ShoesSingle RemixMark StentPromo00:04:28unknown10/10
CD111Enjoy The SilenceVideo MixunknownBootleg00:04:35unknown10/10
CD112I Feel YouCutoff metal MixMark StentOfficial00:04:23unknown10/10
CD113Route 66Martin L. Gore Accoustic VersionunknownBootleg00:00:26unknown10/10
CD114Route 66Dave Allen Remix EditunknownBootleg00:04:24unknown10/10
CD115But Not TonightUS 7'' MixRobert MargouleffBootleg00:04:25unknown10/10
CD116Shake The DiseaseFade MixDaniel Miller and Gareth JonesPromo00:03:58unknown10/10
CD117Faith HealerRadio EditunknownBootleg00:04:51unknown10/10
CD118Behind The WheelUS D.J. MixShep PettibonePromo00:03:57unknown10/10
CD119A Question Of LustOne Canal MixRobert MargouleffPromo00:03:47unknown10/10
CD120PimpfStrict Edit Midi MixunknownBootleg00:00:31unknown10/10


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

Polished Gold (Forbidden Fruits 2)
CD 199?


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#1 Pain + Love Records - ?, 1996
This is the second volume in the 'Forbidden Fruits' series. Almost all tracks are renamed official/promo tracks. Total Time 80 Minutes.
Devotionally Yours!
20 Special Treatments
Track 4 is written as: Personal Jesus (Who Is Jesus) - Remix
The remix names for tracks 9 & 10 have been fixed above from what is confusingly printed on the rear.
Track 17 is actually by Recoil, as reflected above.
This exists with different versions of the CD artwork.
Also released as: "Cloned On Demand"


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