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Forbidden Fruits 03 - Triumph Der Lust - 1997 Remix Compilation

Forbidden Fruits 03 - Triumph Der Lust (1997) Forbidden fruits 3 - int.jpg

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdLeni Records - TRTLU1997--
2---Unknown source, Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Centermp3


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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: Forbidden Fruits Vol. 3 - Triumph Der Lust
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 1997
Number of tracks: 13
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Enjoy The Silence (Killer Remix)6:07BootlegRazormaid MixArt Maharg
2. Behind The Wheel (Eighteen Mix)6:41BootlegRazormaid Mix
3. Policy Of Truth (Marocco Mix)6:15BootlegOriental Mix
4. Strangelove (L.A. Mix)7:07BootlegRazormaid MixJoseph Watt
5. Personal Jesus (Francois Kevorkian Remix)4:16OfficialKazan Cathedral MixFrancois Kevorkian
6. Fly On The Windscreen (Flip Side Mix)5:07Bootleg
7. Never Let Me Down Again (Japanese Video Mix)8:09OfficialSplit Mix Video VersionDave Bascombe
8. Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix)7:56OfficialDaniel Miller
9. People Are People (Different Mix)7:12OfficialDaniel Miller & Gareth Jones
10. World In My Eyes (Kling-Klang Mix)7:01Bootleg
11. Compulsion (Evolution Mix)6:29Bootleg
12. A Question Of Lust (Ambient Mix)4:53Bootleg
13. Death's Door (Blue Angel Mix)3:41BootlegSteve Lyon


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Info from The Ultimate Remix Bootlegguide:

Forbidden Fruits 3 - Triumpf der Lust
Label: LENI Records
Catalog-Nr.: TRTLU
Release: 1997
Country: England
CD101Enjoy The SilenceKiller RemixFrancois KevorkianOfficial00:06:06unknown-/10
CD102Behind The WheelEighteen MixunknownBootleg00:06:39unknown-/10
CD103Policy Of TruthMarocco MixunknownBootleg00:06:11unknown-/10
CD104StrangeloveL.A. MixunknownBootleg00:06:24unknown-/10
CD105Personal JesusFrancois Kevorkian RemixFrancois KevorkianOfficial00:04:11unknown-/10
CD106Fly On The WindscreenFlip Side MixunknownBootleg00:05:08unknown-/10
CD107Never Let Me Down AgainJapanese Video MixDavid BascombeBootleg00:08:11unknown-/10
CD108Get The BalanceCombination MixDaniel MillerOfficial00:07:51unknown-/10
CD109People Are PeopleDifferent MixDaniel MillerOfficial00:07:13unknown-/10
CD110World In My EyesKling-Klang MixunknownBootleg00:07:03unknown-/10
CD111CompulsionEvolution MixunknownBootleg00:06:29unknown-/10
CD112A Question Of LustAmbient MixunknownBootleg00:04:54unknown-/10
CD113Death's DoorBlue Angel MixunknownBootleg00:02:38unknown-/10


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

Triumph der Lust (Solid Gold Forbidden Fruits)
CD 199?
Enjoy the Silence (Killer mix);
Behind the Wheel (Eighteen mix);
Policy of Truth (Marocco mix);
Strangelove (LA mix);
Personal Jesus (Francois Kevorkian mix);
Fly on the Windscreen (Flipside mix);
Never Let Me Down Again (Japanese Video mix);
Get the Balance Right (Combination mix);
People Are People (Different mix);
World in My Eyes (Kling Klang mix);
Compulsion (Evolution mix);
A Question of Lust (Ambient mix);
Death's Door (Blue Angel mix)

["Compulsion" is the Martin L. Gore track from his Counterfeit EP, but may not be the same mix. Most of these tracks are taken from other releases.]


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#1 cd, Leni Records - TRTLU, 1997
Subtitled ‘13 Forbidden Fruits’ and ‘Solid Gold Forbidden Fruits’
Track 1: remix title listed as ‘Killer Remix’
Track 2: remix title listed as ‘Eighteen Mix’
Track 3: remix title listed as ‘Marocco Mix’
Track 4: remix title listed as ‘L.A. Mix’ but is in fact a shorter edit of ‘Razormaid Mix’
Track 5: remix title listed as ‘Francois Kevorkian Remix’
Track 7: remix title listed as ‘Japanese Video Mix’
Track 8: official remix BONG 2
Track 9: official remix BONG 5
Track 10: remix title listed as ‘Kling-Klang Mix’, but is actually a shorter edit of Razormaid Mix
Track 13: listed as ‘Blue Angel Mix’, but is actually a shorter edit of the official version from the Until The End
Of The World soundtrack
Track durations generated with foobar2000 and differ from those listed on the release.
Comes as grey or orange picture disc (see images).


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