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The 04th Strike - 1993 Remix Compilation

The Fourth Strike (1993) The4thStrikeFront3.jpg

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#FormatLabel, №YearSourceAvailable
1cdDowntown Records (Germany) – ?,
Exactor Mortis - ?


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Info from Kaiser's Depeche Mode Remixes Download Center:

Bootleg Title: The 4th Strike
Remixer(s): Various
Released: 1993
Number of tracks: 12
Remix TitleLengthTypeDuplicate of/Same asRemixer
1. Enjoy The Silence (Promo Mix)4:36OfficialSingle Version (Edit)Daniel Miller & Flood
2. A Question Of Lust (Margouleff Remix)3:51PromoUS Promo 12 Inch Remix EditRobert Margouleff
3. Just Can't Get Enough (On USound Remix)7:16BootlegOn-U-Sound MixAdrian Sherwood
4. Master And Servant (Hammerhead Mix)8:10BootlegMarc Jonston
5. Never Let Me Down Again (Groovy Mix)7:31Bootleg
6. It's Called A Heart (Prehistoric Mix)7:48BootlegRazormaid MixJoseph Watt
7. World In My Eyes (Ultimix)5:38BootlegMidback
8. Rush (Dub Mix)4:09BootlegRemix
9. I Want You Now (No.5 Mix)8:27BootlegNumber 5 Mix
10. Here Is The House (Sung By Martin)4:47BootlegVoicess
11. Violence (Unreleased Track)4:46Not DM
12. I Feel No Guilt (Unreleased Track)5:02Not DM


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Info from Depeche Mode discographies by Bennett McElwee 1997-2005

The Fourth Strike (b4)
CD 1993 (Exactor Mortis)
1 4:25 b4- Enjoy The Silence (radio edit) ["Promo mix"]
2 3:52 a2b4del- A Question Of Lust (Robert Margouleff mix)
3 7:21 a2b4e Just Can't Get Enough (On-USound remix)
4 8:15 b4c2ekl Master And Servant (Hammerhead mix) ["Power mix"]
5 7:34 b4c2lq Never Let Me Down Again (Groovy mix)
6 7:50 a1b4 It's Called A Heart (Prehistoric mix)
7 5:43 b4c2lm World In My Eyes (Mixx-Rite mix) ["Ultimix"]
8 3:51 b4 Rush (Dub mix)
9 8:27 b4 I Want You Now (No.5 mix) [Bogus Brothers?]
10 4:47 b4 Here Is The House [Martin Gore vocal]
11 4:44 b4o Violence
12 4:58 b4o I Feel No Guilt

The Fourth Strike
CD 1993 (Exactor Mortis)
4:25 Enjoy The Silence (Promo mix)
3:52 A Question of Lust (Robert Margouleff mix)
7:21 Just Can't Get Enough (On-USound remix)
8:15 Master And Servant (Hammerhead mix) ["Power mix"]
7:34 Never Let Me Down Again (Groovy mix)
7:50 It's Called a Heart (Prehistoric Razormaid mix)
5:43 World In My Eyes (Mixx-Rite mix) [Ultimix version]
3:51 Rush (Dub mix)
8:27 I Want You Now (No.5 mix) [Bogus Brothers?]
4:47 Here Is The House [Martin Gore vocal]
4:44 Violence
4:58 I Feel No Guilt

[Very good sound quality, except last 3 tracks which are OK]

The Fourth Strike
Comments: John Underwood

The sound quality is definitely better the URT 3 (my only other bootleg).

Very good sound quality (9/10) for tracks 1-9
Mediocre sound quality for track 10 (6-7/10)
Mediocre sound quality for tracks 11-12 (7-8/10)

Random notes:
I'm quite happy with this purchase. The last three tracks have worse sound quality than the rest of the disc, but I think they are still better than, for example, the two Martin Gore outtakes on Ultra Rare Trax 3. So, you might give them a different rating.

Enjoy The Silence (Promo Mix)
An edit; not bad, but nothing that interesting either.

A Question Of Lust (Margouleff Remix)
Very good mix; not overdone, maybe somewhat _underdone_, but still quite good (although a little short).

Just Can't Get Enough (On USound Remix)
Lots of samples and a great deal of mixing going on here, including samples of a live version. I think it's pretty good. (slightly worse sound quality)

Master And Servant (Hammerhead Mix)
Good except for the "POWER" sample (maybe from a radio station announcer?) which is used just _way_ too much. Starts off with 'Treat me like a dog' intro (shorter) from the Slavery Whip Mix.

Never Let Me Down Again (Groovy Mix)
First 40 seconds is a recording of a scan through a radio dial. Then it starts off with the regular music except that right before the first drum beat, it repeats the intro music again. It does this a number of times before it actually starts (cool effect). The rest is pretty much the same as the original version, until the end, when the Aggro Mix picks up and finishes a couple of minutes later. Groovy!

It's Called A Heart (Prehistoric Mix)
Sounds like something Razormaid might do. Its good, somewhat complex, but it still isn't great (perhaps because this isn't really my favorite song to begin with).

World In My Eyes (Ultimix)
Lots of samples (including "enjoy the silence"). I think a little too much mixing is being attempted. Ok, but not my favorite.

Rush (Dub Mix)
A percussion sequence repeated during the whole song. Short excerpts of music from the original version is interspersed throughout--the excerpt is played then abruptly cut off. I think the only lyrics used are: "Open your sensitive mouth, hold out your delicate hand" and "When I come up, when I rush, I rush for you."

I Want You Now (No. 5 Mix)
A drum machine sequence repeated throughout the song. A very slightly edited version of the song is played about one-and-a-half times, then the last two full minutes of the song consist of only the drum sequence. A bad excuse for a remix.

Here Is The House (Sung by Martin)
Poor recording, but since it is probably a demo or something similar, I guess it is excusable. "Body and soul come together, as we come closer together" is replaced with "Colors and shapes merge together, as we come closer together." A few other subtle differences, other than it being very bare-bones and highly unproduced.

Violence (unreleased track)
I Feel No Guilt (unreleased track)
Don't have any idea what album these were left off of. They're ok I guess, but I can also see why they were not released (although they're better than, say, "Work Hard" :) I think IFNG is the better of the two.

Comments: Chad Maier

First, the M & S and NLMDA remixes are on the tail end of the PIMP megamix. I thought that the Rush mix was the same as that on the SOFAD (remixes) disc, but it is in fact slightly different; the regular remixes are better.

I Want You now is, as mentioned, an edit with drumbeats, however, I believe that it is the "Funky Mix" by the Bogus Brothers - can anyone back me up?

Here is the House - 'Colors and Shapes merge together, as we come closer together' - a mix that defies explanation, it is cool, sounds like it's played with ancient keyboards and Martin singing leads *and* backups at the same time - this song and the next two make the disc worth the money!!!

Violence - 'Violence, Infatuation' - a very catchy tune, reminds me of a more upbeat Shake the Disease - very cool, sounds like it was made before Violator, perhaps even earlier, also has samples from Recoil (song '#1')

I Feel No Guilt - sounds like it was made around the same time as Violence, and is pretty good.

The sound quality for these last three songs is *OK*. IMHO, Here is the House is the coolest 'new' track, with Violence a close 2nd.

Comments: (Howard Cheng)

Rage mail order in England claims that the last 2 tracks on Fourth Strike are Alan Wilder demoes!



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#1 cd Downtown Records (Germany) – ?, 1993
Tracks 10-12 are demorecordings.


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I Want You now is, as mentioned, an edit with drumbeats, however, I believe that it is the "Funky Mix" by the Bogus Brothers - can anyone back me up?
I don't know about any other remixes from the Bogus Brothers than the Halo and Little 15 ones. Is this comment the only source of this name?